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Why does this shit happen to me?

Okay, so the third book of the inheritence series came out today. Even though i've been eagerly awaiting it, I did not know that it came out today.

Well, some random person added me to their lj friends list, so, curious i went to their journal to see if I knew them. Guess that their most recent post was? A big list of all the major events in the new book. In big bold capital letters.

WTF. As much as I tried to look away as quickly as i could, as happened before with Breaking Dawn, I saw some of the spoilers.

Seriously, WTF.

I'd been planning to avoid most places on the internet from now on whenever there's a huge book coming out. But how could I have ever expected to have it spoiled for me in such a random way? I mean, I know livejournal has it's share of people who just want to cause trouble, but come on, wtf.

I'm so annoyed


We adopted another cat!


Lol, we have yet to take pictures of ours since we don't pick her up till tuesday. But I googled "buff colored cat" and came up with the above picture of a cat who looks almost identical.

Mia is prettier though ;D

Poor little thing is a bit skinny right now from nursing her litter. She was dropped off at the mspca on thursday with her babies (who were removed from her care because they were old enough I guess) because her owner had too many cats. Jared and I found her there (while investigating another cat i found online) no more than 2 hours after she had arrived. When we took her into one of the rooms, she was SO calm. New stressful place, babies ripped away, multitudes of people running around and shouting, dogs barking....and she was calm and adorably friendly. Even the workers were amazed at how calm she was. We spent about an hour with her, and we fell in love. Jared was initially very against it because he was unsure that things would work out, but after talking it over all weekend, we went back today and signed the papers =)

(did I mention that in spite of having to reassure him, jared grew so attached that he made sure to be the one to sign everything so she was technically "his"? lol ;D )

So now we're getting the second bedroom ready and i'm carving out another litter box =) I really hope everyone will get along. I think Mia and Triniti will be just fine, calmly accepting each other. The only one who might have problems is Alex just because he's a snob, but i'm sure that Mia will win him over eventually.

We're so excited! I'll be sure to post pictures soon!


I got bored and drew this on my hand with a pen, lol. I haven't drawn in a long time, let alone on skin. The pen fought me the entire time, but there's only so much you can do with pen anyway lol. Anyway, it's a very rough sketch, but I thought he was kinda cute, so I thought i'd share

Anyone looking to move to burlington?

We need a roommate XD

Still awake. Oh well. I guess it's a good thing cause now i'm awake to go on another morning walk down Pleasant. One furry black  thing will be sure to enjoy it I know.

And I must say that I look absolutely adorable in my walking outfit
Can't seem to sleep tonight. And even if i wanted to, there are two large furry black things sprawled out near my pillows. Apparently they have unanimously decided that it's MY turn to sleep curled up at the end of the bed.

We'll see about that.
Oh god oh god, if there's anyone out there who has time to talk to me right now, Please Please do

Jan. 6th, 2007

 I'M ENGAGED!!  =^.^=!!
So, Dad bought lexi a star wars game from best buy. Unfortunately, when we tried to install it - multiple times - it didn't work. Also, we discovered it was an online roleplaying game - which lexi is not allowed to play anyway. Way to go dad for not reading the damn box before he bought it. So, Lesli, lexi and I went to best buy to return it. Well unfortunately, they would not let us return it. Lesli had wanted to exchange it for another game of equal value, or at least get her money back....but the only thing they would let us do is switch the faulty game for a new one. Lesli was pissed. So was dad when he heard about it - $20 down the crapper. Plus, even if dad wanted to keep it and play it himself, you know, to get some of his money's worth out of it he couldn't because it's like WOW. You have to pay a fee every month to play, which, he can't afford.

So now I have been given the task of selling it to somebody for $15

Anyone interested? It's the Star Wars Galaxies Starter Kit...online roleplaying game...etc

lol, I doubt anyone will want it, but it's worth a shot.

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